Monday, April 13, 2015

Stitch-it-together (again)

Remember how I was just going on and on, sharing about how I'm an all-in person, for better or for worse...? Well, I've done done it again, and the project I'm diving into definitely falls into the better AND worse categories. Ready for it?

I'm quilting again!

I got bit by the quilting bug (not the quilting bee...I'm pretty sure that's a whole 'nother thing) a couple years ago, and my (relative) success with my first experiment lead me to attempt an even bigger challenge, and organize a Quilt-Along + make a full size (well...twin sized) quilt. As usual, I didn't let a little detail like- I have no idea what I'm doing- stop me from diving in/dragging people in with me...but I'm glad I went for it. It was fun to have some sewing solidarity, and I made a pretty sweet piece in the end (if I do say so. And I totally do).

So...why not do it again?

We're going to keep it real casual this time probably doesn't even count as a real Quilt-Along due to the complete (and intentional) lack of organization, but who cares, it's just for fun, yes?
Here's the bottom line. I'm going to make two quilts. Yes, two. Because I'm crazy, and because I decided that as we transition the girls into a new big-girl shared bedroom (which we're also doing because I'm crazy) that they need special, one-of-a-kind, made-by-mama, big-girl quilts for their big girl beds. (For the record, Piper would be happy with a store bought anything as long as it was purple with sparkles...And Fin doesn't care if she sleeps with aluminum foil on, as long as she has Jelly. So this, as always, is a need/mess of my own making. P.s. Piper's quilt will not be purple or sparkly. It probably goes without saying that this undertaking is at least 98% about me).

Anyway- I'm making two quilts, and aiming to have them before Summer...of over. And if you're up for it, I'd love to have you join! Make a quilt, or four, or a quilted potholder...finish a quilt you started last time I started this silliness, or just finally sew that button back on a pair of pants...Whatever your talent/time/interest/energy allows for. Because the better of this whole better or worse situation, and the reason I'm doing this is because I want to. It's more expensive, and more time consuming, than buying something, but I love the process of learning and experimenting, and know that I'll be so proud to give the finished products to the girls. So even with the worse parts (agonizing over details, making a mess of my house for months on end while I have pieces here there and everywhere...) it's worth it. And anything worth doing, is worth doing with a friend.

Oh, and if you're intrigued but confused about this whole thing, don't be intimidated by the term Quilt-along. Basically, it's a just group of people who all commit to making a quilt, sharing our progress and encouraging each other along the way. There are some groups where they all work on the same pattern or project etc, but that'll all a little too confining for me. I just wanna make cool stuff, and see your cool stuff, and share in the process of getting to said cool stuff. Let's do it. 
  • Anyone is welcome. Beginner to master. 
  • If you're interested, leave a comment here, or post it on social media, or email me, or tell me in person, or really just do what you want. See how formal we're making this? I just want to know you're in, so I can check in and rave about how awesome you are. 
  • Participants can share progress and pics on social media using the hashtag: #stitchittogether
  • There's no real deadline...But if it's a helpful motivator for you we can make one up? How about June 20? (the last day of Spring). No promises.....
  • And the more the merrier. Feel free to grab a button, post on your blog, pinterest, tweet it, instagram it, email your friends. Spread the word and let's make it a party!
I'll pop in later this week with some details on my quilt(s) so far. Spoiler alert- they're already shaping up quite nicely. I'm trying really hard to make this as stress free as any quilt/Courtney project can be, and so far, so good.

p.s. If you're interested, you can see where my quilt-love started, see my results of the last Quilt-Along or check out all my stitchittogether posts. 
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