Thursday, April 30, 2015


A few weeks ago I greeted a coworker good morning and asked him how he was doing; typical routine for us. We don't work on anything together, but his cube is directly behind mine so we're loosely connected, thus we exchange pleasantries at least at 9 and 5 every day. He's taken an interest in my fledgling "online career", so at least once a week he greets me with "Good morning, Bowdenisms! How is it going?" Anyway, on this particular day, I asked how he was and he responded: "Awesome. It's Thursday!"

And I just loved that response."It's Thursday!" was served up as the obvious explanation for why he would be awesome. As if there was no way one could not be awesome on a Thursday. I chuckled at his enthusiastic sincerity, and we chatted for a minute about how, actually, Thursday is pretty awesome, and then debated which day of the week is the best. People like to say Saturday, because obviously, but I actually almost prefer Friday. (He agreed). Don't get me wrong, I like the freedom of Saturday and sleeping in and having nothing to do all day (wait, that's not really what my Saturday looks like, but it's a fun idea anyway) but I really do love a Friday. Friday's filled with hope and optimism...typically there's a ton of time to get things done (don't you feel like Friday is the only day you can catch up at work?) and even if you aren't productive, it's ok! You have the entire weekend ahead of you! You can even waste all of Friday night and it's not a big deal because you still have Saturday coming.

But I probably don't have to convince you to love Friday. I mean, TGIF is a thing for a reason (and it's not just awesome 90's TV). But Thursday is probably underrated. It has a little bit of that Friday vibe- all you have to do is make it through this one, then you're practically done. Like the rounding up model of the work week- Wednesday is halfway, so it's almost Thursday and Thursday's like, basically the end of the week, because Friday barely even counts. You're done! Yay for Thursdays! (I mean, aren't you at least a little bit likely to be a little looser on Thursdays? Eat some junk, stay up later than you should...All you have to do is muscle through one more day and you're home free. Why not live a little?!)

So I figured in the spirit of the awesome that is Thursday, I just downed a quick list of all the things that are awesome right now:
  • Driving without car seats in my car (I took them out a few days ago for an work carpool/roadtrip). I'm still going the same old places, but I feel so freeeeeeeeee!
  • Zebra striped ice cream (For real guys. It's just so stinkin' good. I don't even get paid to say that...though they are a client of mine. Sweet gig, literally).
  • The fact that our kids are too young for soccer, so I don't have to stand out in the wind and mud twice a week. I can't wait to choose nice, civilized, indoor hobbies for our kids. Wink.
  • Fin grabbing my hand to drag me to play, saying "'mon! 'mere!" (come on! come here!)
  • These faces:

Angels, I tell you. 
  • Having my coworkers fawn over the girls during Take Your Kids to Work Day. We do tend to think have exceptionally lovely kids but it's extra fun to have other people think so too. (Plus they're usually on their best behavior in unfamiliar situations like that, so I get to pretend they are always sweet little cherubs.)
  • Dresses. It's finally warm enough to bare some leg, which it saves my pregnant self from having to fight with the demons of fashion (aka "pants" and "buttons"). Bring on all the dresses!
  • A church small group full of people who think so differently than me, and love so well.
  • Fancy drinks with fancy stirrers
  • Getting 2 or 3 dinners a week courtesy of my mother. She's always popping by with a casserole, or sending leftovers our way (immediately after feeding us at our "weekly family dinner"). It's an embarrassment of riches, really. An embarrassment that I lap up gratefully. 
  • A forgotten station on Pandora that resurfaces and reminds me of my eternal love for Justin Timberlake. Jam.
  • Hopes of bounce house weather this weekend
  • Oh, and this guy (and the little guy of course):

Taken two Thursdays ago, after our big doctor's appointment.

Yep. Thursdays, and life...are pretty awesome indeed. 
What's making you thankful it's Thursday this week?
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