Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Little Pip-speaks: Volume 17

This girl is so many things...spunky, creative, sweet, goofy, thoughtful...It's hard to even put it into words. But hearing her words gives a little glimpse into the fantastic mix that is our Piper Jane.

Pip-speak #1: 
Piper {finding a J.Crew catalog in the mail}: We got a girl book. It's for you, Mama. It's all about bathing suits. 

Pip-speak #2:
Piper: I heard some thunder....Was it your tummy?

Pip-speak #3:
Piper: Do worms have belly buttons?

Pip-speak #4:
Piper: Mama, can you pause my show? I just need to give Daddy a hug real quick and then I'll come back and watch. 

Pip-speak #5:
Piper {packing a bag of toys to bring to church}: I'm bringing my baby because I'm a mother. OH! And I need my phone because I'm a mother. Mothers need phones. 

Pip-speak #6:
Piper {listening to me sing in the car}: Can you sing that song again but this time turn your voice up?

Pip-speak #7:
Mama: Those are some dirty socks. 
Piper: Those are some dirty socks.....Haha. I followed you with the same words!

P.s. Also sharing on Thrive Moms today...talking all about the questions this little lady asks...and a few she inspires me to ask myself.
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