Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Two, Too, Awesome

Today is a milestone. It marks 730 days since we met our sweet little Finley Joann. 730 days that we've gotten to snuggle her, and laugh at her (and with her), and dry her tears and shed our own. Somehow over those 730 days I've fallen in love with her more than I could have imagined, even when I thought I was head over heels from minute one (which I totally was).
Our precious Finny-Fin-Fin is two years old, and she's a marvel of a character who surpasses any description I try to muster up. She's the sweetest, feistiest, goofiest, sincerest little nugget you'll ever meet. She might just be charm embodied, as everyone who encounters her is completely and immediately won over. (I do not exaggerate. Well, not about this, anyway. Even when she's driving us up a wall...which...happens...she keeps everyone firmly on her side, seemingly without even trying.) It could be her giant eyes, or her tiny-toothed smile, and it surely has at least a little bit to do with that head of irresistible blonde curls. But beyond all that, it's her spirit. She is spirited in all the best and most challenging ways. She knows what she wants (and will tell you) and she loves so completely it'll break your heart. 

She is just so much of exactly who she is. 

And I love every single bit of her.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl. I pray I love you and teach you one tenth as well as you have already done for me. You're one of a kind and we're thankful for each of the 730 days we've gotten to spend with you, and are looking forward to thousands more to come.

P.s. See Fin's first birthday post, or catch up on all two glorious years of her. 

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