Friday, June 12, 2015

Pregnancy: Round 3

I haven't written a lot about this pregnancy...Actually, I've written nearly nothing. That makes me a little sad, because it's important to me to record memories of (and for) my kids. But it's pretty easy to understand why the third baby kinda gets the shaft when it comes to these types of's just so hard to keep up with the demands of two little ones, and still have the energy (and brain power) to keep track of maternity milestones. But despite the struggle, it still is important to me, so I do what I can, when I can. And even though this baby will have a a thinner baby book, I'm confident he'll be loved as wide and deep as the two who came before. 

Yesterday marked the 28th week, meaning we're solidly in the third trimester and approaching the downhill spiral towards baby-town. Thought this would be a good time (a better late than never time) to record a bit of what things are like at this stage, compared to my previous pregnancies. People are always asking if it feels different this time around (partly because it's a boy) and it's funny how I just can't even remember. I think it's the same...maybe? So it's interesting to be able to look back on the facts and emotions from before and realize- things haven't changed much. It's still hard, and miraculous, and fun, and exhausting. 

So here are the 28 week details- it's technically compared to 27 weeks the last couple go 'rounds...but close enough for me! (Oh- and though I haven't been blogging/journaling diligently, I have managed to keep up with taking weekly pics. Yay! With Piper I did a chalkboard theme, with Fin I just snapped pics wherever we happened to be that week, and this time I thought it'd be fun to try wearing the same thing each week. I'm not all the way caught up on editing...but I'm happy to have at least some consistent record of this little guy's growth)

First time: Main complaint at this point was ab muscle pain
Second time: Had a few weeks when the baby seemed to grow dramatically- squishing my organs, compressing my diaphragm hurt, my back ached, and I couldn't sit or stand comfortably or lift Piper. But my body adjusted, and eventually it did get better.
This time: I feel huge, and am having a lot of that same back pain, round ligament pain, and general tightness, soreness, uncomfortableness, windedness. (some of those are words, right? another symptom might be my brain-not-working-ness.)

weight gain:
First time: about 15 lbs
Second time: about 15lbs

This time: about 20lbs. Ok, maaaaaybe 25. But that's with a lot of bracelets on, don't judge! I was already a bit bigger this time to begin with. When I got pregnant with Fin I was still really skinny from nursing Piper. (I tend to lose a lot of weight while I'm nursing- yay!...But it turns out, after weaning it comes back- boo!) This time the kids are spaced a little further apart (about 26.5 months vs 19.5) and I got pregnant in the winter so I was a little bit...plushier than normal. Plus, I gained weight a lot faster this time. I thought I started showing early with the second baby, but the third one took it to another level. I pretty much looked pregnant (or at least felt like I looked pregnant) from the instant I peed on a stick. I try not to get too preoccupied with it all, but I've definitely spent too much time this pregnancy worrying about how big I am, or how big I'll get, or how I'll shape up after. I know, I know, I'm making a human- from scratch!- and that's way more important than a number on a scale, but it's still hard to adjust to the constant growth and insecurity that comes with the whole pregnancy gig. (For what it's worth, the baby was measuring in the 96th percentile at the 20 week appointment, so at least there's a good reason for all this stretching).

First time: Not much.
Second time: Nothing crazy....still pretty hungry though so there were a lot of snacks during the day, and a little something at night after dinner.

This time: Still nothing too out of the ordinary. I went through the insatiable hunger stage in the beginning just like always, but now I'm getting to the point where I can't eat too much in a single sitting because there just isn't space. In general my diet has been pretty horrendous- in that I just eat whatever I want. but honestly that's no different than when I'm not pregnant. And I'll admit there have been quite a few late night floats/milkshakes/bowls of ice cream eaten over the last six months. (ok, ok, so maybe the 96th percentile baby isn't the only reason my pants don't fit...)


First time: Lots!
Second time: Lots!
This time: Lots! This baby is as wild as his sisters. I really love feeling the movement, but sometimes it can get a bit too dramatic...and painful! It's pretty funny to watch though- little waves and jabs- and it reminds me that despite all the inconvenient parts of pregnancy, there's actually a real live human in there.

I am loving
First time: Chatting with people about the baby (and keeping the gender a secret- fun but sometimes hard!)
Second time: Enjoying a little "alone time" just being pregnant, while Piper spent a week with my mom.  It was a nice little break from all the activity surrounding a toddler, and a good chance to focus on the new little baby-to-be. 
This time: Ummmmm.....well......I guess......
Ok, I'm not really loving that much about pregnancy this time. It's not that I'm not enjoying it, I mean, there certainly are plenty of little fun things, and lots of little things to be annoyed about, but overall things are just fine. And fine isn't bad. It's pregnancy will ever be exactly like the first one. The first time, you're all consumed. Everything is new. Everything is magical, and being pregnant is a full time focus. Then second time is still fun, still a little new, still magical, but it does fade into the background a bit because there's so much life going on with the one you already have. And the third time? Well, the third time it's not really new, technically still magical, but mostly it's this thing that's getting done along side ten million other things that also have to get done. Again- that doesn't mean love it less...well, it doesn't mean I love him less, it just means I have fewer moments to sit quietly and reflect on the joy of carrying this little human. 

I miss

First time: Sleeping comfortably (on my back or my stomach were pretty much non-options). 
Second time: Beer.  (silly, but true!)
This time: again. (I swear I don't have a problem! It's such a part of summer: bar-b-ques, block parties, Thursday mornings, you get it.) Being able to bend over, or get up off the floor without lots of drama and groaning. Walking without being subconscious that I'm starting to waddle. Too soon!

spazzing about:
First time:  Getting everything done...I worried that everything wouldn't be ready in time. 
Second time: Not much. I was generally much more relaxed about the pregnancy. (I did worry that Baby B #2 might never have a name. Obviously we figured that out...)

This time: Nothin? The super bright side of the whole third baby thing, is that we really are pretty prepared. Or if we're not...we're not worried about it. We've been down this road before, so we have most of the gear, some idea of what to expect, and the general feeling that it's all just going to work out, regardless of how much or how little we prep. That's not to say we have a clue about what it means to try to raise three kids, and it's definitely not to say that I'm looking forward to those long nights (and long days) of newborn-hood (I think I'm blocking out some of the more difficult memories of the early stages out of self preservation)- BUT- I bought newborn diapers this week, soooo....we should be all set, right?

looking forward to
First time: Completing the nursery. I loved pulling together Piper's room. It was so fun for me to plan, and dream and create....and I'm still obsessed with the results.
Second time: Having two little girls. Meeting this whole new person that has never existed before. We're having so much fun learning more about Piper's little (big) personality, and it's getting us even more excited to have another little lady in the house to love. Last time I was excited about a lot of the "stuff" that goes along with having a baby- I think mostly because I couldn't wrap my head around what it means to actually become a mom and meet your child. This time, that's the part I just can't wait for. 

This time: Getting to meet another Bowden. The two kids I've been given are impossibly cute. Really just the best kids anyone ever had. And we get to have another one? Yes, please. And I'm excited to see how the girls will be with a little guy in the mix (Prediction: Piper will alternate between adoration and indifference. Fin will be thrilled when she gets to "hold" him, and pretty much mad/jealous of him all other times). And I'm eager to see how Dustin and I change and grow as parents this time around. I'm not kidding when I say I have no idea what we're getting ourselves into...but there's also no turning back now, so I'm looking forward to the start of a new lifelong adventure.

Twelve more weeks, little guy. Though I won't be mad if you can only wait ten, ok? Maybe even nine. :)
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  1. As a third child with no baby memory book on the shelf next to my sisters' at all, I'd say you're off to a great start.

    1. AW, this made me a little sad for you. Luckily I know how awesome you turned out, so I won't worry too much that my baby book neglect will ruin this kid!