Thursday, September 3, 2015

Happy (could have been your) Birthday!

Miller! Today, September 3rd, is your due date, (or my due date? our due date?) In any case, it's the day we had all planned to meet you. But you obviously had other ideas, and due to your early arrival we've already had the pleasure of having you in our family for nearly three weeks now.

And in the time since your birth, I've marveled repeatedly that you technically shouldn't even be here yet. Sure, two and half weeks (or two weeks and five days, if you want to get exact) isn't an incredibly long time, but it's just crazy to me that each day we've had with you, you could have still be on the inside. (It's actually also kind of a scary thought, as you are pretty big these days...I'm thankful you're in my arms and not my belly). 

We dreamed of you for 37 weeks, wondering what you'd look like...what you'd act like...
I was pretty sure you'd be big, I hoped you'd be a good eater, and I assumed you'd struggle with sleep. I expected a certain amount of fussing and general neediness. I was prepared (as much as one can be) for rough nights, few naps, and typical newborn hardships. I guess I was preparing myself for the worst (partly because I remember your sisters being kind of difficult, and partly because I didn't know what to expect, so I didn't want to set myself up for disappointment). Babies are a funny sort...all the same in a way: small and helpless, yet completely unique in their particular quirks so I really just didn't know what to expect. We prepped ourselves for a feisty little (well...big) guy, and just crossed our fingers we could handle it.

And then you got here. And...well...I didn't exactly nail it. You were big- so I at least won that bet. But as for your temperament? I was way off. I had no clue you'd be so...sweet. Your delivery was a breeze (as those things go), we settled in with you quickly, and so far, you've been an absolute delight. You're a simple guy, who likes to eat (a lot) and sleep (a lot). You love a snuggle, but you don't demand it. You are patient and calm; Slow to cry and easy to soothe.'re a dream. (and a dreamboat, who has completely captured my heart with your squishy face, snuggly body and adorable little piglet grunts). I'm trying not to fall in love with your current disposition, because I know it's still so could change ( will change...I know you won't sleep 18 hours a day forever!) and we will have to adjust to your shifting needs (I promise I'll love you even if you wake up a colicky mess tomorrow. Though please don't feel the need to test me on that!) But for now, I'm soaking up your yummy you-ness and doing my best to be grateful for every peaceful, cozy, moment (and not get aggravated when you want to eat every two hours on the dot). 

Happy not-your-birthday, Miller. You are more than we could have ever predicted, and exactly what we needed. 

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