Monday, November 2, 2015

Costume Week: Tricks and Treats

You guys ready for one last #costumeweekspooktacular post?
I know...I'm sad for it to end too!

I've said that Halloween costumes are pretty much an early Christmas to me...and if that's true, then Saturday night was pretty much Miracle on Elm Street. Imagine: everyone wore costumes, with no complaining, there were no squabbles over candy, and we even got a solid family picture. Miracle I say.

Truly- we just had the best time. It was the third round of Trick or Treating for the girls this year, so by now they were pros (not that wandering around collecting free candy is difficult...) I wondered if after a long week, they might be over it...But to my delight- they were as excited as ever.

We had a low-key day, actually staying in our jammies until the late afternoon. We did a few Halloween crafts to help get in the spirit, including decorating our door. (I showed the kids the inspiration, but we put our own spin on it, with the girls insisting our monster needed a nose...and ears. Piper did all the cutting on her own, and Fin helped with the taping, so they were proud of their spooky creation)

As for their costumes- Piper was so excited about her princess dress that I didn't plan another outfit for this outing...she was all too happy to wear it again. But I had a new costume planned for Fin...a unicorn/Pegasus outfit that I just couldn't resist. It was purple, and shiny, and had wings...what's not to love? But as much as Fin liked it (and she did...bragging for weeks to everyone that she was going to be a unicorn, dragging it all around the house like a baby doll and refusing to let anyone touch it), she wouldn't even entertain the idea of putting it on. We had the same struggle with the pig suit, which she ended up wearing without a peep, but I wasn't sure if that was a fluke. I was fully prepared for her to freak out, insist on being a pig again, or flat out refuse a costume at all. But all my fears were immediately erased when she hopped down from our pizza dinner excitedly asking, "Where's my unicorn?!" She put it on with a smile on her face, like she had never even considered not wearing it. She even let me put the hood/head on (the part I thought she might be most wary of) and bounded around the house in search of a mirror. 

To round out the theme, Miller had a dragon costume, but he was sleeping during prep time, so we let him skip out on the festivities. Dustin and I didn't really plan to dress up (I know...for someone who loves this so much, I've been pretty lame with my own outfits, but after getting things together for three little ones I didn't have much energy to focus on us...) but the kids got such a kick out of our panda and pirate costumes, that I thought it'd be fun to at least do something to get in the spirit. Dustin raided our costume closet (yep...that's a thing) and grabbed some things out of the big box of foam weaponry (yep...that's also a thing) and went as a knight. I went as "Queen Mom", throwing on a purple sweatshirt to color coordinate with our crew, and adding an extra sparkle crown I had bought to match Piper's (in case Fin was jealous later...) Turns out I was at least right about that prediction, because the minute Fin saw me wearing it, she decided she wanted to wear a crown. Having her already in costume was a win, so I wasn't going to quibble about unicorns not typically wearing tiaras. So I handed it over, and topped my outfit with a handmade crown Piper had brought home from Sunday school. 
I did convince her to wear her unicorn head for a few pictures...and then to my surprise, she kept it on for the rest of the night. 

After some quick pics, we were ready to roll. But not until both girls insisted on mittens...and Fin put her crown back on. Fine by me!

We left a no longer sleeping, but not yet cranky Miller with my parents to pass out treats, and we set out for a few minutes of candy gathering fun. It was fun to Trick or Treat in our 'hood, seeing friends and meeting new neighbors. Both girls wanted to hold our hands the entire time, which was so sweet...and after each and every house Fin stood at the top of the porch steps saying "get me down!" They pointed out costumes they liked, with my favorite being Piper announcing- "Look Mama, that boy's dressed like a soda!" (indeed he was).

Several houses went all out with the Halloween decor...there were even spooky hands hiding in candy bowls, and an inflatable haunted tunnel to travel through. I was a little nervous it might be too much for our little ladies, but they were brave, and seemed to think it was all pretty fun, rather than scary. It's so fun to live in a neighborhood with so many kids, plus grown ups who get in the spirit. 

We went down our street and back again, covering about a block in a half an hour. We made it back while it was still light, and just before started to sprinkle. Perfection. By then Miller was up, so we jammed him and his jack-o-lantern jammies into his costume for a quick snapshot before the girls tore their costumes off and dumped candy all over the living room. (practically a ceremonial ritual of childhood... I remember  it well).

After examining their haul/stealing a few things I like, we made popcorn and watched Room on the Broom, while the rest of the trick or treaters continued their quest. (for the record we blew through 200 pieces of candy before 7pm. We'll be ready next year). I nursed Miller to sleep while looking through pictures on Facebook and Instagram of all our little costume clad friends...nothing could make me happier.
Another Halloween is in the books, and I already can't wait for the next one. (You better believe that I'm pinning costume ideas already...)
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  1. i love it. piper's costume is adorable- did someone make it? two things: you need The Queen of Halloween by Mary Engelbriet and two, this is just so awesome.... one day....