Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fantastic Four

Today, my tiny little first-born four.

In some ways I'm shocked that she could possibly be that old- didn't we just meet her?- but at the same time, she's such a central part of our life that I can barely remember a time before she arrived.

Four seems to be a transition point from toddler to kid. It's been such a privilege to watch this year as some of her babyhood has fallen away to reveal the person she's becoming. She's grown from a feisty little baby to a sweet, thoughtful, (and still feisty) young lady, and I'm honestly fascinated to learn more about who she is. Sometimes it's hard at this stage to know which characteristics are due to age (i.e. toddlers are stubborn, preschoolers are curious, kids are goofy...) and what is truly the unique character of our specific kid, so I'm loving getting little glimpses of our one and only Piper.

The beauty of Pipes is in her contradictions. Every time I think I have her figured out...I realize she's that...and...

Oh, Piper? She's my responsible one. She's the careful watcher. She's a determined perfectionist. A typical oldest child. Smart as a whip and wise beyond her years. 

And that's all true. But I have to be careful when I describe her, because it's easy to see the surface and miss the deeper story of who she is. She seems introverted, loving time on her own to play, imagine and create, but that doesn't mean she's shy. She's incredibly responsible, but she's also a total goofball. It's impossible to put her squarely in one camp, because each day I see another facet of her that makes me rethink my description of her.

Her personality goes beyond the labels and limits I'm tempted to rest on her. She is serious and silly. She's bossy and caring. She's cautious and surprising.

And there is something so beautiful about the fluidity of this stage. There are some traits that have been within her since the moment she was born, but in so many ways she's only just begun to grow...

She's a girlie girl who comes home from school with mulch in her shoes and dirt under her (purple polished) nails. She's a people pleaser who adores making us proud, but also has a distinct opinion on how she wants things done (and the drive to make it so). She is an orderly planner, loving everything in its place but she's flexible, constantly surprising me with her ability to go with the flow, and problem solve on the fly.

She's a caretaker, always willing to help her sister, rock her brother, or rub my back when we lay down together for a nap. But she still has a strong stubborn streak and the confidence of a leader in the making.

I love all the this and that of her. I love that we've gotten four years to discover new things about her. I love that every time I think I have her pegged, she shocks me with her boldness, or silliness, or specialness that twists and expands my perception of her.

I just love her. Every piece and part. Every yes and no. Every "Mama, can you help me?" and "Don't worry..I can do it!" I love to watch the wheels turn in her head, and I love how she is constantly expanding my heart.

I love the adventure of the past year, and I'm looking forward to all the changes and surprises that she has in store for us in the year to come.

Happy birthday Piper. We love you.

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