Monday, November 9, 2015


(Preamble: no...I'm not sick of that pun. I'll never be sick of that pun). 

Remember this guy?

Well, little boy Bowden has been growing like a weed (like a 'shroom?) so it's time for an update...

Handsome little fella, isn't he? (and by little, I mean: WHERE DID MY BABY GO? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY BABY YOU GIANT MAN-CHILD?!) I know babies grow at the speed of light, but it will still never cease to amaze me, how fast that newborn stage flies by. (and by amaze me, I mean: BRING BACK MY SQUISHY LITTLE SLEEPY PUPPY BABY, MY HEART HURTS!)

Ok, drama. Let's press pause on the tears, and have some fun with some comparison pictures, shall we?

Remember this? (three Bowdens, each one week old)
Left: Piper   //    Center: Finley   //    Right: Miller

Well, here's an updated side-by-side of our kiddos all around 12 weeks:
Left: Piper   //    Center: Finley   //    Right: Miller

ARGHHHHHH. Aren't they just the cutest babies anyone ever made ever in the whole wide history of ever?! (I know. I can't really be objective. But truly...even if these little squishes weren't mine, I'm pretty sure I would still want to snuggle their faces off.) 

And speaking of faces (smooth transition, no?), I just love seeing these kids side by side. Miller is clearly an identical (but tiny) twin of his dad, but I've also said since the beginning that he's a pretty good mix of his sisters too. He's got a lot of similarities to Piper (Bowden genes: the eyebrows, the chin) but he also resembles Fin quite a bit too (harder to articulate how exactly...but he does, right?) To me, if the girls were on opposite ends of a spectrum (a short spectrum, as they may not be identical, but they're hardly opposites), Miller would fall somewhere in the middle- leaning towards Piper's end slightly. There are still times when he looks exactly like one of them...which I always get a kick out of. But he's also still got his own thing going on. He's a bit bigger than either one of them, has a slightly darker complexion, and his head is just as big, but his face isn't as long. 

It's so crazy how the same set of genes can combine multiple ways to form these completely unique little people. And I know, I know I'm beyond biased...but I just couldn't love each of them any more. 
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  1. love this and love those babies. oh man, i love babies!!!!!