Monday, November 16, 2015


I'm starting to wonder if I should even bother with words on Miller's monthly posts. Mostly because I look at his little face and suddenly can't come up with anything to say except things like:

This guy. This friggin' guy. 



So, uh, yeah. Let's skip to the good stuff:

And in more repetitive, non-eloquent news: 

He's getting so biiiiiiiiiig
I'm not sure if it was me going back to work (maybe he covertly grew while I was at the office?) or perhaps having the stomach flu (he seemed really huge when I could barely lift my own head, let alone his too), but in the last week I swear he doubled in size (he hasn't really. That'd be crazy). Don't get me wrong, he's still teensy in the grand scheme of things, but I'm afraid he's officially out of newborn territory, and I already miss his furry little neck folds. Now he's doing all this crazy grown up stuff like smiling, and babbling, and generally not-laying-there-like-a-lump....and I mostly love it (seriously, have you seen him? Of course I love it) but it also reminds me that in about five minutes he's going to be sassing/totally disregarding me like his sisters, and then probably asking to borrow the car keys. (Cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon....) 

So yeah. To sum up: He's the best. He's a giant. Time is flying. I love him to smithereens. 
You get it. See you next month. (if you need me, I'll be alternating between smiling at his irresistible  expressions, and sobbing that my bay-beeeeee is growing up too fast. Repeat repeat repeat.)

P.s. Thankfully I got all of these shots before I dropped my camera (very thankfully not on him) and broke my lens. If there were nine pictures of my face at that moment, they would all be sad.

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  1. I think that might be your best monthly shoot of any of your babies! So many different expressions, and every one of them cute! I don't know, you might have to get rid of Dustin when Miller reaches about 15...I think those two could get in a lot of trouble together! (and Dus is probably looking forward to it!) :) you...xoxo....Daddy