Thursday, December 17, 2015

Right now

Right now...
...Piper is sleeping, after promising not to get us up in the middle of the night. Unless, she really needs something. Like a drink. Or to be tucked in (again). Or to ask where her rainbow slippers are. Or to tell us that polka dot blanket needs a bath tomorrow.

...Fin is sleeping, after requesting/demanding repeated kisses on the lips.

...Miller is sleeping. Swaddled up, laying in his pack and play bassinet, next to the crib he still has never used.
...our Pandora Christmas station is playing...still...more...always.

...I'm feeling 100% awesome about managing to stay in my jammies all day (yay for working from home!) hand aches from working on some handmade gifts. It's a good kind of pain.

...I'm looking forward to a beer, some laundry folding, and an episode of The Real Housewives. Well...looking forward to at least two of those things.

...Dustin is putting another coat of paint on a project for the girls (which is really a gift to me, to see him work so hard to make an idea of mine come to life).

...a friend is texting about a PJ + Christmas movie party tomorrow that we're pretending is for the kids.

...we're burning a fancy new candle (we have many leather-bound books, and our house smells of rich mahogany).

...I'm forcing myself to write, even though it's not going to be long. Even though it's not going to be eloquent. Even though it's not going to be exceptionally witty, or profound, or perfect. Just keep writing.

...I'm still marveling over these pictures of my ragamuffins kids. How did they get so awesome? How did I get so lucky? How are we going to remove all those tattoos?

...I'm really, super tired. And really, super happy.

What are you up to?
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