Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Happy 2nd House-iversary!

Today marks the second anniversary of moving into our house. I suppose I could have to baked a cake, or bought something special, but instead we just trekked out in the rain-soaked grass for a (not-so) quick family selfie to mark the occasion. 
(nailed it. As always.)

In so many ways this house is nothing special...but in total it's actually something incredible.

It's more than a crowded garage, a messy basement, and chipping baseboards (though it is most definitely all of that). But it's also more than a picture-perfect view, spacious rooms and what seems like (comparatively speaking) an obscene number of bathrooms. 

In all the good, and the bad, and the just plain ordinary, this house is our safe haven, a spot for our family to grow, play, laugh, and rest. It's an imperfect and lovely backdrop for our imperfect and lovely lives.

I know we may not always live here, but I also know that wherever we may go next, we will always look back on this as the place we were when
...When Fin turned one and we had a giant party on the deck...When we all got the stomach flu at the same time, and lived to tell about it...When Dustin took a risk and decided to be a stay-at-home dad (temporarily anyway)...When Miller was born and we brought him home. 

It's only been two years, but this house has already seen a thousand PBS kids shows, a million tears, a and about a jillion macaroni noodles. I can't imagine what the next year holds for us, but no matter what, I couldn't be more thankful for this place, these people, or this house. 

Happy anniversary, you beautiful chunk of home, you

Oh- and just for giggles...I thought I'd share the video version of this morning's celebration. (Further) proof we should never be vloggers. 

(Bonus: Dustin recites our new family motto: "attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure". Oh how true.)

P.S. Last year's house-iversary.
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