Monday, May 16, 2016

Mighty Nine

Nine things I love about these pictures of nine month Miller:
  1. That funny little blonde patch of hair 
  2. Those eyebrows
  3. His two tiny teeth
  4. The dimples at the top of his cheeks
  5. Little baby armpits
  6. His crooked jaw
  7. That perfect nose
  8. The sparkle in his eyes
  9. Who are we kidding? Everything. I love everything. Everything about his face, about his body, about his personality...I'm just madly in love with this little guy. 

If I could add another hour to the day strictly for smooching his face, I would. Actually...if I were in charge, I might add a month to the year, so I could have at least 30 more days of baby cuddles. His big birthday is coming up a little too fast for my liking...Can't we just pause here for a little bit? "One" is ok, but nine is mighty fine. (So for now...and the foreseeable future...I'll be snuggling/devouring his delicious little neck, while trying to memorize every detail of his perfect little face. Man, he's going to be so embarrassed of me someday.) 

Previous months: 1234567, 8.
And if you want to go in the way, way back machine: Fin, and Piper at nine months.
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