Monday, June 6, 2016

Little Pip-Speaks: Volume 25

The: The hits just keep comin' edition..

Pip-speak #1: 
Piper: Will you get a towel for my seat? Because I have short sleeve legs.

Pip-speak #2: 
Piper {delaying bedtime. Again. Some more. Always}: Daddy, will you come back up? 
Daddy: No, Piper. It's time for bed. Go back in. I love you.
Piper: But Daddy! I can't tuck myself in. What do you think I am, an adult?!

Pip-speak #3: 
Piper: I got the instruments down. 
Mama: Really? How'd you do that?
Piper: Just carefully. And believing in myself. 

Pip-speak #4: 
Piper: These shoes kinda squeeze my front toe and my back toe. 

Pip-speak #5: 
Mama: Did you know that your ears and your nose never stop growing? 
Piper: Really? 
Mama: Yep. So Daddy's all done growing taller, but when he's old, he'll have big giant ears and a big giant nose. 
Piper: Like Papa! He already has a big nose and ears!

Pip-speak #6: 
Piper: I am running out of all of my patience on Fin.

Pip-speak #7: 
Mama: Are you a baby whisperer? 
Piper: Yeah
Mama: Do you know what that means? 
Piper: Yeah. It means you get babies quiet when they take a bath. 

Pip-speak #8: 
Daddy: Girls, doesn't Mama look pretty today? 
Piper: Yes. And Daddy, you were the handsomest of all the other church boys. 

Pip-speak #9: 
Piper {while driving by Grandpa's office}: Which grandpa works there? Grand pop?
Mama: No. Grandpa. My daddy. 
Piper: Oh. The old one?

Pip-speak #10: 
Piper: Mama, what's on your arm?
Mama: {Freaks out a little}
Piper: Your hand! {hysterical laughter}
Piper: ...Daddy...what's on...
Daddy: Piper, you can't ask again. 
Piper: Yes I can. 

Pip-speak #11: 
Piper {laying down to sleep}: Is it tomorrow yet?

Pip-speak #12: 
Piper {looking at a picture of babies on my phone}: Who's that? 
Mama: It's twins. Aren't they cute?
Piper: Yes. They look very the same to me.

Pip-speak #13: 
Piper: G'mi, how long has it been since I told you I love you? 
G'mi: Wow, don't really know, Piper.
Piper: I think it is long overdue. 

And not to be outdone...we have also have a little(r) sassbucket on our hands:

Finnish #1:
Mama: What are your fish named? 
Piper: Silvie Goldie
Fin: Strawberry whipped cream head 

Finnish #2:
Fin: *Coughs* {pause} That was a bless you. 

Finnish #3:
Fin: {Saying one of Uncle Jeremy's trademark lines}
Mama: Are you Uncle Jeremy?
Fin: No I not!
Mama: You sure? You sound like him. And you look like him!
Fin: No! Uncle Jeremy doesn't have a jelly. 

Finnish #4:
Fin {getting frustrated with one of her toys}: Oh my dangit! 

Finnish #5:
Fin {creating something out of blankets}: That's his head, and that's his body, and that's his bummie. 
Piper: Fin, what are you building?
Fin: Umm
Piper:Is it a sea cow?
Fin: Yes. It is a sea cow. 

Finnish #6:
Piper {upon seeing the playground we took her to}: Aw, there's mulch? I don't like mulch. 
Fin: I will hold your hand, Piper so you don't fall down in the mulch. I promise. I promise, Piper. 

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