Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

I wish I could have sent a real life card to all of you real life people in real life (not because we're that cute...but because I LOVE receiving Christmas cards, so I try to pay into the system, playing on the guilt trap of reciprocation.) But...these things ain't cheap (and I am) so to save on postage/printing/the opportunity costs involved with address collecting, I'll share the virtual version of the Bowden 2016 Card with you all.

I didn't write anything this year...somehow summing up our year a single text box seemed impossible. (to quote "our song" there was quite literally: "no combination of words I could put on the back of a postcard" that would do this year justice.) Instead, I went with an adorable shot of our adorable three, and figured people probably got enough of my sappy ramblings in some form or another over the last twelve months. (Don't tell me...)

But if I had found the words to share...they would have included THANKS and LOVE about a million times, because this life is wild and hard but it is OH SO VERY GOOD, and these little people, and our entire supportive, patient, hilarious tribe of extended friends and family (and "framily") is a huge part of why. In fact..maybe next year I'll just send out 200 postcards of me ugly crying, because it's all too good to handle sometimes. (Ok...I promise I won't. But when you see our smiling mugs in your mailbox, you'll know what's in my heart). 

MERRY CHRISTMAS, Internet. You are real, and you are lovely.

P.S. A couple cards from Christmases of yore: 2015, 2013.

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