Monday, January 1, 2018

We need a miracle

Over the years I've done every version of resolutions imaginable (trust for yourself)..from monthly goals, to a theme for the year...little tasks, giant's been all over the board. I don't always make them and if I do, I certainly don't always follow through (maybe never. Never might be more accurate there), but regardless, I like the idea. I'm a goal oriented person, and I love the structure, the challenge, the fresh-start, the chance to dream...

But this year I didn't have a clue what my resolution would be, or if I would even make one at all. Sure, I have some cliché fitness goals I'd like to work towards (oooh, New Year's diet, how fascinatingly original!) but outside of that vague "tone it up" nonsense that I am barely bothering to solidify, I haven't given the whole topic much thought this time around.

Cut to: Our living room this morning.
We were watching "church at home"- the live streaming service that our church did instead of a traditional gathering this week, and the worship team started playing "We Need a Miracle". It's an original song by our worship we've played a few times this year as a type of anthem to go with the advent series.
Miracle, miracle, we need a miracle. 
Miller was snuggled up next to me (loving watching our friends on the big screen), and after every line of the song, he said to me, "Miracle? Miracle, mama?"
"Yes, buddy, miracle" I said to him again and again.

I thought it was funny how he latched on to the word...and cute how he kept repeating it back to me to make sure he got it right. Now, I don't actually think he grasped the concept, but it still got me thinking...

As I showered tonight, getting ready for the night's festivities, I just kept hearing that word in my head.


We need a miracle.

I need a miracle.

That was it. My word. My resolution. My truth.
Because what is a miracle? I guess it's anything that seems impossible, and, anyway. It's something awesome, that defies all explanation. It's hope, and power and and it's divine.

And that is what we need.

I don't need a little more sleep, or a little more patience, or to lose five pounds, or to stop using the f-word when I'm aggravated. (Ok...I do kinda need all of those things...). I need a MIRACLE to shape who I am, to guide the course of my do...everything.

Because left to my own devices, ideas, and abilities, I'll set up some decent goals, and pray some modest prayers. I'll try hard, fail hard, and pray for help along the way. But a miracle? Am I bold enough, and faithful enough, to actually ask for a miracle? And am I wise enough, and faithful enough, to notice one when I get it?

What are the miracles we so desperately need?
And what would happen if we actually asked for them? 

Healing, freedom, restoration, transformation...

That's the stuff we can't earn, we can't try our way into, and we can't set up measured milestones towards achieving.

I need big giant miracles in my life right now.
Not the: Man, it'd be a miracle if I could get out the door on time in the morning kind (though it would be...for real), but the: God, please step in and fix this mess, bless these people, redeem what I can't, heal this pain, remove this fear, console this hurt, do stuff I can barely even imagine kind of miracle.

And if you were willing to share, I'd bet you do too.
What are you hoping for in 2018? A new relationship? A restored old one? A career transformation? A reversal of a diagnosis? The arrival of a baby? Freedom from addiction? Forgiveness for a mistake?

Well what if we asked for these things? What if we just put our hands up, and cried out: we need a miracle?

Would He show up?

Well...I think so. And so that's my word. And that's my hope. And that's my prayer.
Our hearts are tiredSend us a miracleOur faith is triedPlease send us a miracle. 
And if I'm willing to pray for that...then I need to be trusting to receive it. I need to have my eyes, and arms, and heart open to notice- and welcome- the miracles when they come. I need to be humble enough to admit that I don't have the power to do this on my own...and faithful enough to eagerly believe and expect that God can- and will- do the impossible in my life.

2018...A miraculous year in the making.

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