Monday, November 26, 2018

Ma'am Cave

I've done my fair share of home decor blogging over the years (wanna catch up?)...but one space that tends to stay out of the limelight is our trash heap, dungeon, really-super-duper-long-term-storage-unit, real-life hoarders application, hobby time capsule, collection of unopened moving boxes circa 2014, room that time forgot. 

I mean: basement.

It pretty much goes without saying why I haven't wanted to show off our lower level, as it's been filled with junk for the better part of 4 years. It's actually a really great space, but we haven't been doing it justice...instead we've chosen to just chuck things down the stairs and forget about them indefinitely.
Screenshot from a 2015 video tour... The leaning tower of boxes, steadied by a cobweb-encrusted elliptical machine is a nice touch, no?

But, I am happy to report, that after many, many months of sporadic fits and starts of organization, purging, and rearranging, this spot is finally usable. Nay- LOVELY.  

The main portion of the room has been transformed into a proper living space (including a TV, because: priorities), we've got craft/decor/gift storage galore, a fully stocked bar, and the BEST part: a new sewing station. This means I don't have to lug my sewing machine and supplies upstairs any time I want to whip something up...and this also means the rest of the family doesn't have to find somewhere else to eat for three months while my quilt projects commandeer the dining table. (don't guilt me...makers gotta make!)

For little more than the price of a few new pieces of furniture, and several jillion hours sorting through every photo/card/dental record I have from the last 34 years, this place has been totally transformed. The basement has gone from total embarrassment, to truly one of my favorite places in the house. Yes, it's still a hodge-podge of stuff; and sure, it's one room trying to serve about 8 different functions; and of course, we kept some unused exercise equipment in the mix for old times sake...but all things considered, it's really quite lovely.

But don't take my word for it... Take word for it.
(Is a 9 minute tour of an approximately 300 square foot space too self-indulgent? Probably. But if I cared about such things, I wouldn't have a blog, now would I?)

Here's everything you ever wanted to know-and so much more- about the Bowden's subterranean life: 

PLUS a few (too many) pics for your Pinning pleasure. Jkjkjkjk....but I did want to give you the option for a quick scroll if that's your thing. I'll save you additional lengthy descriptions of it all, and at least acknowledge that I realize any bragging I do is completely silly because we've really just barely reached "adulting" status with this makeover. But dangit, it's been a long time coming, so forgive my inability/refusal to have any chill at all.


And thus concludes The Beginner's Guide to Basement Organization (subtitle: How to Carelessly Neglect + Revive Your Space To Baseline Livability in Under 60 Months)

But now my question is... what are we going to call this revamped wonderland of loungey/crafty/boozy magic? It's an equal opportunity space for sure (there are Eagles posters, after all...and a whole lotta bourbon I'll never touch...oh- and of course- Dustin's beat lab!) but 90% of the contents are mine (the perils of being the sentimental one of the family), so I'm having fun with a girlie take on the "man cave" concept. Ma'am Cave is my top contender, but Lady Lair and The Femme Den are also solid options. In any's finally ready for it's close up...and some visitors. Stop by and I'll pour you a drink, flip on some Real Housewives, and maybe even hot-glue something!

Practically everything in this space was already built in by the previous owner, or a second-hand or Homegoods-type find that I've been rotating in different spaces in my house for years so I don't have many shareable links (I know, I KNOW you're wondering things like- where I did I get that super-unique, super-glued ceramic tray that will never again match its partner? But alas- you have to find that in the Target bargain bin and then drop it in your driveway ten minutes later to get that custom shattered look YOURSELF. I can only help so much, here people!) But here are a couple of new-ish specifics:

  • Large Storage Cabinets: Ikea...I can't remember what item, specifically, but I think it might be the barest-bones version of the Pax wardrobe, with doors we painted white, and shelves made from particle board.
  • Sleeper Sofa: Ikea Friheten. Love it so much...can't beat it for the price. Highly recommend.
  • Bar Shelving: Ikea Ekby Jarpen shelves and Ekby Bjarnum brackets. In typical Ikea fashion, this required two trips and a return, just to get all the correct + compatible pieces, but it ended up working out perfectly. (if you're curious- it's the 7.5" deep versions, not the 11", and they have to be the 1" thick version to fit in the brackets. DO NOT ASK ME HOW I KNOW ALL THIS.)
  • Expandable console table: Holly & Martin This is everything I've ever dreamed of and more and has LITERALLY CHANGED MY LIFE AND THE LIVES OF THOSE AROUND ME. There are no words dramatic enough for how much I adore this table, and honestly, I showed great restraint in not just filming nine straight minutes of me making heart eyes at it. It is simple and perfect, and everyone deserves to feel this way about something even just once in their life. When you find your equivalent of an expandable-sewing-table level love, I urge you to latch on and never let go.
P.s. If you still can't get enough home-related fun, check out all of our house posts/tours here on the blog, or on Instagram: #houseofbowden. Or if you just love the sound of my voice (with occasional cameos in our crazy-fragmented mirror) you can catch up on our videos on Vimeo.

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  1. I’d watch the video but vinny is asleep next to me. Alas you’ve given me hope and you win AGaIN in the “finishing a space before me” challenge. You probably didn’t know we were competing. Oh well. I’m so glad I read to the end bc I DID want to know about that amazing craft/sewing table. It spoke to me. Go Bowdens!