Saturday, December 21, 2019

Little Pip-Speaks: Volume 33

These kids crack me up on the daily, so I've been collecting some of their best quotes for an end of the year edition of:

Pip-speak #1:
Mama: What’s the sitch?
Piper: Here’s the sitch. Every night I’m gonna fill up my water bottle because I have NO standards. I have NO standards for leftover water. 

Pip-speak #2:
Mama: {Whistles} Bet you didn’t know I was a whistling superstar!
Piper: No! Because last year you were really bad, so I just assumed you were still as bad as last year.
And you said that so I’m not just saying that.
Pip-speak #3:
Piper: {seeing a gay couple on a baking competition} G’mi do you know what that means?
G'mi: Ummmm, no...?
Piper: It means they can make their own wedding cake!” 

Pip-speak #4:
Piper: Since my class is SO talky, we’re never gonna get a dance party.

Pip-speak #5:
Piper: Mama, where are my clean socks? Because I already wore my favorites so all that’s left are my unfavorites. 

Pip-speak #6:
Piper: Mom, you haven’t even had your dinner yet? And we’re on our third helping? This is why they have Mother’s Day. 
Pip-speak #7:
Mama: What do you want for your birthday?
Piper: Well, I don’t want a Bitty Baby anymore. Well, I do. I just don’t want anyone to have to spend $60 for one. I want SANTA to get it for me so no one has to spend money. Unless Santa has to buy it??!

Pip-speak #8:      
Mama: Our house is 17 years old.
Piper: Stay cool, house! Because you’re in high school. Or college. I don’t know!


Finnish #1:
Fin: Halloween is about love. 
Mama: Really? Why? 
Fin: People take their time off from just going to sleep to give out candy for a little bit.  

Finnish #2:
G'mi: {Seeing Fin crying on the playground} Do you want to go get in line with your friend?  
Fin: No, because then I’ll get in trouble. And then I will have to cry for two things and right now I only want to cry for one.

Finnish #3:
Fin: {eating M&M's} The browns just taste like plain chocolate. The colored ones are magical.

Finnish #4:
Fin: {after church} G’mi, where are the delicious donut holes everybody’s talking about? 
G'mi: Finley, aren’t you supposed to say "Hi, G’mi. How are you?” 
Fin: I can’t. My mind can only think about delicious donut holes right now.

Finnish #5:
Fin: Everybody thinks red and green are the only Christmas colors, but aren’t ornaments all different colors? Why can’t they just share the love?

Finnish #6:
Fin: {sitting in the car, trying to "meditate"}
Piper: I know how to MEDITATE, Fin! Ohmmmmm. Ohhhhmmmmmm.
Fin: Stop it! I’m trying to focus! And I can’t when you make that NOISE!

Finnish #7:
Fin: {handing me the playing cards} Can you skeedaddle them? Like- do a bridge?
Finnish #8:  
Miller: I love to share.
Fin: Well that’s one thing I’m not very fond of.    

Finnish #9:  
Fin: I like Jimmy John's because it has the word G’mi in it and I really like G’mi.

Finnish #10:  
G'mi: {putting helmets on the kids to ride bikes} Miller's head must be bigger than yours because his fits.
Fin: His head cannot be bigger than mine. He does not know as much as I do.
Finnish #11: 
Fin: Mama, how do you say that word: fashion consultant? Will you be my fashion consultant? 
Finnish #12: 
Fin: Miller, I can wear my Minnie shirt and you can wear your Mickey shirt and then we can play "marry".

Finnish #13: 
Mama: My mom used to be a 2nd grade teacher at at that school. But not anymore.
Fin: Because she’s too old for that.

Finnish #14:  
Fin: {to me when I came to tuck her in} I knew you were home. 
Mama: How? 
Fin: When I was in my bed, I heard jingling {the bracelets I always wear} and I knew mommy was home.

Miller Musings #1:
Piper: Why does Iron Man have that thing on his hand?
Miller: Oh. So he can pew.
Piper: Pew?
Miller: {makes gun noises} Pew! Pew! Pew!

Miller Musings #2:
Miller: {teaching a Halloween saying} First you say trick or treat. Then you say smell my feet.
Mama: Yeah, and then you say: "Give me something good to eat."
Miller: And then you say thank you!

Miller Musings #3:
Miller: {picking out his jammies} Sorry Mom. Sometimes I just havta take forever.

Miller Musings #4:
Miller: {scheming about something} Let's plan up a deal...

Miller Musings #5:
Miller: {explaining the Easter story} And Jesus was in a tube. A tube is something with a bunch of rocks and the BIGGEST rock covers the cave. And his friends comed over and they all ate a fish.

Miller Musings #6:
Piper: {reading a caption in a book} bell pepper.
Miller: That’s a short name for tomato!
Miller Musings #7:
Miller: {while driving by a big forest} That looks like a jungle!
Mama: Yeah! What do you think lives in there? Tigers?
Muller: Yeah, and all scary things...
Mama: Like snakes?
Miller: Yeah. And sharks!

Miller Musings #8:
Piper: Miller, you know, the Easter bunny works just like Santa!
Miller: Yeah. The Easter bunny is all white, just like Santa’s beard!

Dynamic Duo:

G'mi: Christmas is about being kind.
Fin: No- it’s about love and sharefulness.
Miller: NO- it's about Jesus' BIRTHDAY! 
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