Thursday, May 20, 2021

One Room Challenge: Hit the Lights

We're back...with the third installment of The One Room Challenge! And this week we're keeping things light! (and punny!)

There are few things I love more in this world than a good deal. (except maybe a good deal on good cheese, but while that's true, it's also a bit niche, and not at all the topic for today...Good thing I also love a good tangent...and parenthetical statement...and use of ellipses. Where was I?!?) 

 DEALS. right.

 So I said the plan for this bathroom was "cheap and cheerful" which means that we're going to make the most of what we got wherever we can. Yes, I'd love to redo this room top to bottom with new tile, and fixtures...the works (ok, actually I'd really love to have someone else redo this room top to bottom because OH, the work) but that's not in the (credit) cards right now, so we're getting scrappy. And what's scrappier than Facebook Marketplace? (Maybe the right term is: sketchy?) Well hold please, for how that platform becomes the protagonist of our decor story.

The "bones" of this room are pretty decent. The layout is fine, and the fixtures are at least unoffensive in their blandness. But I feel with any "builder-grade" bathroom, one of the main eyesores is the lighting. It's just always SO BAD.


Ok- this isn't really fair because this picture doesn't even do it (un)justice. Turns out I didn't even really want to take a close up photo of the "before" light, because it didn't deserve it. It wasn't hideous, per just wasn't...good. At all. It was functional, but other than literal light, it didn't add anything to the room.

So I was on the hunt for something with a bit more personality.

And between the saggy old (metaphorical) couch cushions of Facebook marketplace, I found it!

Not what you were expecting? 

Well- I had a vision. If we nixed the heavy glass shades (it did in fact come with all of them), and painted a bright white...maybe it would be modern? and fun? and whimsical? (ugh...I hate that word...but I kinda like the concept) After "investing" only $20 on the light, it was worth a shot- or a spray:

Let there be (pretty) light!

Annnnnnnd, I love it. I love how non-traditional it feels now, especially considering how traditional it started. And I sure don't hate the price. (We did spring for new glass shades, which totaled more than double the fixture itself...but it was worth it to have a one-of-a-kind experiment go right).

And kinda like how a new haircut motivates you to do your makeup (is that a thing? it could be...) the fresh new light confirmed the mirror was also in need of an update. Again- I didn't hate it...the size was actually perfect, so it didn't seem worth it to get something new, but the metal frame just wasn't the right vibe. So (more) paint to the rescue!

Brighter and (literally) lighter!

Truth be told, though the plan white looks great with the wall color and matches the trim, I'm still struggling a little bit with how it plays off the creaminess of the counter/toilet (they're both slightly off-white). But I'm sure not investing in replacemnts for those, so we're going to let this ride for now and see how it all comes together with the other updates in the room. I know changing the color of the cabinet and the floor will make a big difference, and hopefully some colorful accessories in the space will liven things up and let the fixtures recede a bit more. (You're already getting a sneak peek of some peachy-goodness...more of that to come next week!)

Thanks for stopping by! Oh- but before you go...share in the comments- what's your best DIY bargain find? I love a good deal-spotting story! 

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  1. It looks beautiful. Love the bargains you found. We just found a table for our TV and chairs at ACTS, a local thrift store in Ocean View DE for a very decent price. Thank you for sharing. Love it !!!