Thursday, May 27, 2021

One Room Challenge: Let's Take a Shelfie

 Round 4 of The One Room Challenge! comin' atcha! 

 (Need to catch up? Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3)

This week is a "picture is worth a thousand words" kind of post (aka: I'm tired, so you're spared my typical rambling). Keeping our focus tight, and sharing a little shelfie!

The girls' bathroom is pretty small, so I didn't have a ton of wall space I need to solve for...but I wanted to do something more interesting than a typical mass produced art piece. And when I stumbled upon this quirky shelf in the Target kid's section, I knew I had found my perfect pear. (I'm never too tired for a pun).

The only question: What to put on it? Shockingly- the girls don't actually need much storage in their bathroom...yet. The vanity has a cabinet and 3 drawers, plus they have a (hideous but functional) medicine cabinet) so for now it holds all their stuff (toothpaste, hair ties, a truly insane collection of temporary tattoos) without issue, so the shelf is purely decorative. I was honestly a little stumped...this room get no natural light, so (real) plants are out. And I didn't want anything breakable (they don't get wild in there...but kids + water + glass just seems like a bad idea). So that narrowed the options a bit. 

But I promised not to belabor the details let me just skip to where we landed:


Sources: Target
Seriously, all Target. The candles, towels, cups, shelf. All Target. (Plus two fake succulents from IKEA to add some Scandinavian style to all that Minnesota charm.)

We'll never burn the candles.
We'll never use those towels.
We'll never have to water those "plants". 
The kids can't even reach those cotton swabs.

All form, no function. Super fun.

See you next week...when we'll hopefully have some progress to share on the vanity. (But- at the rate things are going, will likely have to stall some more with some pictures of the shower curtain.)

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