Monday, October 25, 2021

BOO(ks): Spooky Season Must-reads

There is just about nothing I love more than going ALL OUT for holiday you know that when Spooky Season arrives, I the kids say... zero chill. It's been basically a month of non-stop pumpkin scented everything around here, and I make no apologies. I'm here for all the crafts (and festivals, and treats, and matching jammies)...but especially: the books. I've been sharing our weekly/daily/hourly library hauls on Instagram, but thought it would be helpful to do a bit of a permanent "round up" of the books we just can't get enough of this time of year.

Our Top Picks:
The shelf staples (in no particular order)

  • Spooky Pookie: Pookie is just the cutest. But Pookie in COSTUMES is even better.
  • Seaver the Weaver: A story about a spider learning to do things his own way. Love his creativity!
  • Gustavo the Shy Ghost: Lovely story about a ghost finding friends. Beautiful work by a Mexican author/illustrator. We tried the Wonderbook version of this one- the "soundtrack" made it extra special.
  • Room on the Broom: A true classic (from the creators of The Gruffalo, so you know it's good.)
  • Ghost in the House: What kid doesn't like a lift-the-flap book? This one has a surprise to guess on each page.
  • The Monster's Monster: The characters here are irresistible, and the main guy has such a sweet spirit.
  • The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything: Even my littlest ones have this memorized. Do you remember this one from elementary school read aloud? I'll never tire of it.
  • Pick a Pumpkin: Beautifully illustrated story about Fall. 


Honorable Mentions:  
If you have a liiiiiiitle bit more space on your shelf...or 5 more minutes until bedtime (for REAL this time) these are great additions.


And if that's still not enough (what even IS enough!?!) Here is the FULL list of what we're reading (and loving) this season:

Original Favorites
Unique stories...mostly new to me, maybe to you too!
  • Monster Trouble: Points for diversity. Love that the monsters can be defeated with kisses!
  • Bone Soup: Anything with a bit of an "ick" factor is a hit with my kids. This one has an actual recipe at the end...but contains far too many vegetables for my children to want to attempt it!
    Posey the Monster Slayer
    : Love the strong main character...she ignores bedtime to fight monsters...much to her parents' chagrin. They get increasingly upset, using her FULL name as they yell for her to get back in bed. We all got a kick out of that....relatable.
  • The Little Ghost Who Was a Quilt: Ok- I cheated. I have this on hold from the library, but haven't gotten to read it yet. But SURELY I'll love it, right?! The title alone!
  • Jerry Seinfeld Halloween: If you remember his bit about Halloween- "Get Candy Get Candy Get Candy!" you'll love this illustrated version.
  • The Spider and the Fly: Not going to lie- the subject of this one was a bit dark. It has a decent lesson...but still creeped me out a little. The illustrations are beautifully intricate and dramatic though!
  • The Okay Witch: The first graphic novel my ten year old has tried...I can't personally vouch for it, but she begs me to stay up late reading it, so that feels like a good sign. 
  • It's a Pumpkin: Animals solving a silly little mystery...what IS that thing?
  • Stumpkin: Poor little guy just wants to be picked!
  • Sir Simon: Super Scarer: Cute buddy comedy between a ghost and the friend who finds him.
  • The Little Ghost Who Lost her Boo: Simple story about a ghost looking for her "boo". Good for little kids- especially if they love animal sounds.
  • Ghosts: A loooong one. But fun concept about all the different types of "typical household ghosts" (and yes, my kids especially liked that there was one in the bathroom!)
  • Los Gatos Black on Halloween: Fun to learn some Spanish vocab.
  • How to Make Friends with a Ghost: Sweet story about making friends for life (and beyond). 

You get it.

Simple Stories
Not investment pieces but still fun, quick reads that kids will get a kick out of.

Non-Technically Halloween
(But still fun and spooky)

Fav Series
If your kids (or you!) have a fav author/series/charactore then these Halloween editions are sure to be a hit!

So, there's a virtual hayride full of my opinions. But what about you? Any other favs in your pile? What winners did I miss? And is anyone else up to their earwigs in spooky stories and LOVING IT?


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