Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Thankfulness Time Capsule

Originally drafted November 25, 2020. I found this digital equivalent of a scrawled-on scrap of paper at the digital equivalent of the bottom of my messy purse, and figured I'd save it from blog-post purgatory and finally just hit publish. Turns out this year-and-a-half old gratitude journal surfaced just in time for the back half of 100 Sparks of Joy. How's that for serendipity?


This morning I opened up my Timehop (one of the apps I use every morning while I procrastinate getting out of bed) and I saw a link to one of my blog posts from 2015. It was a "thankful-list", with a bunch of little things that don't really matter, but still bring me extraordinary joy. I've done these a few times in the past, and while I've never consistently kept up with any sort of gratitude journal, I think the practice is really valuable, even if the effort is only occasional. So here's a silly little list of some somewhat frivolous things that in this moment I'm really, truly thankful for:

  • The kind of people who put out collections of lawn inflatables, have a life sized stuffed bear in a rocking chair on their porch, and dress a giant rooster sculpture in a sheet/ghost costume for Halloween. You are my people.
  • My sourdough starter.
  • When people actually sign our Little Free Library guest book.
  • They way our littlest says "Chris-a-mas" (I will not be correcting her, and will glare at anyone who does).
  • My new leopard sweater from Old Navy. (because two leopard cardigans just weren't cutting it)
  • Our gas fireplace in the living room. (my first working fireplace!)
  • Slushies and boozy popsicles (and regular popsicles...and boozy slushies).
  • Dustin making the kids breakfast every day.
  • That one time we were actually allowed to go IN the library.
  • Masks in fun prints
  • Instagram memes
  • #jeeplife
  • Spooky jammies
  • Scooters, skateboards and bikes (and baskets and baby seats and bells!)
  • The crazy amount of money we're saving on gas.
  • Queso (the green bucket!)
  • New playgrounds, old playgrounds, natural playgrounds...all the playgrounds.
  • Friends who understand that my extroversion has no outlet right now, and just listen, listen, listen to all my pent up words.
  • Slack, and Zoom and Mural
  • A neighborhood where I can let the kids explore and play without fear.
  • Coke Zero Cherry (yes...Coke Zero is on every edition of these lists. It's called loyalty, look it up.)

 P.s. You can check out a couple thankful-lists from the past. (You're going to want to click on that last link, if only to enjoy Fin's fat thighs. NOM NOM!)

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