Monday, February 15, 2010

Ice ice baby

With the record amounts of snow falling in our area, I've been trying to document it a little so we can remember the craziness that was the 2010 blizzard. My hope is that we can look back on this in future years and thank goodness whatever we're experiencing at that point isn't as bad as what we went through this year. If it is...oh heaven help us....

Most of my photos thus far have been taken from the warm confines of my home- capturing the wonderland through the windows. But every once in a while I do venture outside (I have to work, after all), so I decided to snap a couple of shots yesterday evening. Here is our house in all of its snowy glory.

Pay close attention to the icicles, as that will be our focus from here on....

Here's a shot of what the neighbors across the street are dealing with....they reach from their roof to their yard...Yikes!

Yesterday we were discussing the crazy amounts of icicles with a couple of friends at church. One mentioned that he had begun to knock them off with a broom handle, in order to relieve the weight from his gutters. Dustin thought this seemed like a pretty good idea, just in case our gutters decide to give way, and we end up with a "Why is the carpet all wet TODD?" situation on our hands. ("I don't know MARGO!")
So that night he went up to attack the stalagtites with the business end of a Swiffer (note: I have no idea which end that would be in this just sounded tough). I left him to his project (I had blogging to do...) and didn't hear a peep for fifteen minutes or so....
Imagine my surprise then, to see him lumber down the stairs wielding this:

No, that's not a light saber...or a jousting is an icicle.

A human sized icicle.
I laughed so hard I nearly peed my pants. Which I could have conveniently blamed on a melted icicle...

From now on, when people bid me goodbye saying "stay safe", I will assume they aren't cautioning me of the road conditions, but rather, warning me of the perils of ice weaponry. En garde!

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  1. i'll admit, i just looked at the pictures first, but it really made me laugh to see Dustin with that huge icicle. That is awesome!