Sunday, November 28, 2010

Car Games

As you know…The Bowdens love a road trip… And even if we didn’t love one, we are forced to take them, as all of our family lives at least three hours away….

So over the years we’ve gotten quite good at surviving the long haul- Dustin is a defensive driver extraordinaire with an ipod full of hits, and I’m a prepared passenger, with magazines, snacks, and conversation starters.

Typically we jam to some music, discuss current events (i.e. work, junk we need to do around the house), read aloud (me…usually from GQ), or chat about big life stuff (how many kids are we going to have?, should Dustin open a gym?, is Pittsburgh our “forever home”? etc.). For the most part we’re able to pass the time pretty well, and I’m thankful for the fun we have, and the serious bonding we do during these trips.

But sometimes you run out of topics. Or songs. Or books. And you have to think outside the box. Thus- our most recent road-trip game was born. We call it:

See If You Can Make This Sound.

It goes a little something like this:
Dustin makes some sort of crazy noise (any mixture of whistling, humming, snort, yell, etc.). I try to replicate it….and die laughing instead.
Then we switch teams. But instead of actually making a noise for him to replicate- I just laugh uncontrollably every time I open my mouth.
His turn again.
Repeat ‘til you pee your pants and have to pull over.

I highly recommend it.

(Photos from an April '10 roadtrip...taken with Photo Booth...which explains why it looks like dustin's driving on the wrong side of the car. And excuses my apparent lack of safety sense.)

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