Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wild and Crazy Bowdens

Sharing some of our sillier moments from recent road trips, I thought I’d share a couple crazy memories from this weekend. They're probably "had to be there" type stories, but Bowdenisms is first and foremost a personal tool to help me remember and record bits of our lives (or at least that's what I tell myself to feel better about a lack of comments!) So in the interest of remembering the little things- I give you a couple Sure-to-Become-Classics Bowden games we played this weekend-

Pretend Wearing Socks on Hardwood Floors Actually Makes You a Professional Figure Skater

Dustin was mostly a spectator in this game…but my mom was a full participant, especially after we ate half of a jumbo bag of m&m’s. If you’ve never simulated a backwards turn followed by a 1/2 axel in your dining room, then you simply must try. We even created hybrid events- Tap-Ice-Dancing (mostly just me stomping and flailing my arms in circles) and Synchronized Skating (in which my mom and I attempted to match each others’ ad-libbed moves). Bonus features- I can build you a pretend ice sculpture or slice pretend deli meats using only my pretend blades.

Play A YouTube Video From Glee and Copy the Dancing of All Characters in Real Time

This one Dustin was surprisingly into. After watching this week’s Glee on Hulu, my whole family couldn’t get “Marry You” out of our heads….So we cranked up this video and attempted to reenact it in the kitchen (with Dustin and I playing all of the parts….minus the wheelchair and streamers.) It's significantly harder than you'd think...especially if you follow the Pausing=Cheating rule, forcing on-the-spot learning.

What can I say- it was a beautiful night, and we were looking for something dumb to do…..

Do you all have any silly, made-up games you play with your family? Sometimes the less sense it makes, the more fun it is.

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  1. Along the lines of Sychronized Skating... have you ever played "Garth and Kat" from SNL?