Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wouldn't it be nice: June

June?!? Where did you come from, you crazy month? Didn't anyone ever tell you not to sneak up on people like that?

So as time went flying by, I missed out on sharing my resolution for May...I leave you in suspense no more- During the month of May, I resolved to "try something new". Given all the change around here recently, this wasn't exactly a toughie to accomplish....but just for fun, here's a list of some new things I tried in May:
  • Being Pregnant (We told our friends the news, I started showing off a real bump, and celebrated "almost a mother" day!)
  • Mini-golfing in 92 degree weather. (I do not recommend)
  • A generic prenatel vitamin: fail.
  • Vacationing in very lovely.
  • Riding a motor-scooter...mostly lovely...a little scary.
  • Demolishing a wall (ok...I didn't do it...but I did try watching...)
  • Installing a dimmer switch (This one I really did do myself...Dustin may have helped a little)
  • Reading a paperback mystery series (Any Janet Evanovich fans out there? I could be converted...)
I'm sure there are more...but those are a couple highlights of "what's new" around here. And now, it's on to the next month!

For June, I picked something that should be relatively simple...but for some reason, I've been dreaming of it forever, and haven't made it happen:

This month, I want to watch a movie outside!

There are still a couple of drive-in theaters around Pittsburgh that we've never made it out to (we were invited by some friends last night...but were already at a Pirates Game-with fireworks!....Tough life, right?). So we might try to catch a drive-in double feature. Or, Pittsburgh has a fun option called Cinema in the Park, where they screen the park! The events are hosted all over the city, and there is really no reason we've never been. I'm thinking it could be a great excuse for a picnic with friends!

But.......what I've really really been dreaming of, is hosting a backyard movie viewing at our house.


So, I know ours wouldn't be that awesome, but how much fun would it be to lounge around outside and catch a flick? Our yard is pretty slanted...which could pose a problem, OR, it could serve as the perfect auditorium-like setting) We could borrow the sound system and projector from YL, Dustin will work his set-up magic, and I'll provide the popcorn. Wanna come?


  1. And we have the perfect futon matress we have been waiting to GIVE away from the basement!!!! YEA! It WILL look like the picture...come shop at 111!

  2. um I highly recommend the movies at flagstaff hill. so fun and you can get there early and walk around the outside gardens at Phipp's for free. talk about a super fun date!!

    way to go on the dimmer switch. I've thought about that one.... but never did it.