Friday, October 21, 2011

Baby Shower-palooza: Part 4

The fun's not over!

Can you believe it? There are even a few more people that love me and wanted to be in on the baby fun! Dustin's family (especially his mom, step-mom and sisters) were so sweet to throw a shower for me. I don't have many pictures (I was too busy enjoying it all!) but the location was perfect, a country club-type restaurant with a yummy buffet...including cheesecake, yesssss!

We played some games of course- a couple of toughies! We had to finish the nursery rhyme lyrics (proof that I'll need some books to cheat off of...I could barely remember any of them!) and we took a stab at matching baby names with their meaning (I had no chance at winning this one). But the funniest part, was after we finished...we couldn't find the answers! So the prizes went to the matriarchs of the group- Mom Mom and Great Aunt Carmen. I figure they know the most about raising babies, they probably would have won anyway, right?

We wrapped up the festivities by opening presents. This was the first shower where the attendees knew the baby's sex, so you better believe we got some adorable stuff for Baby Girl Bowden! She even got her first doll!

But while it was a big girlie day, the men got into the action as well. No, they didn't attend the baby gift and game squeal-fest, but they did make a big family event of it. While all the girls were having shower-fun, the boys went out for some beer and snacks on their own. I love when Dustin is able to get together with all of his brothers, but when his dad, uncle, and cousin get in the mix? Even better! Everyone got to hang out together at an impromptu after-party, so we took the opportunity to take a few photos of the group.

Check out the fellas:

And the Bowden ladies:

It was so great to get everyone together...But maybe the best part was Dustin being reunited with someone special from his past:

That little guy is Mitchel Artie, Dustin's cabbage patch doll from when he was just a wee tot. His grandma bought it for him twenty five (?) years ago and his Dad held onto good old Michel all this time. We even got his birth certificate- and the funniest part is, he was "born" on November 1st...My dude date!

All in all, it was a great day. We had a wonderful time relaxing, reminiscing and laughing with family. I can't wait to have a new little one around to join in the fun.

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