Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wouldn't it be nice: July, August and September!

With all the baby-talk going on around here, I've been neglecting a regular Bowdenisms feature- Monthly Resolutions.

And I mean really neglecting it...We’ve gone three months without an update. (For those of you with your eyes glued to sidebar- anyone?- I have been updating the pic with the resolution itself...so that’s at least something!)

So here are the goals you missed:
July- go on an adventure
August- clean up my act
September- make something pretty

As for my results?

I’m sure I could go back and figure something out that applies to each of them, but I’m not sure that’s totally in keeping with the original goal which was to intentially focus on a particular goal, and making it happen. That being said- all was not lost, as there are definitely plenty of activities that went on around her within those categories.

In July I did go on a long weekend to Ft. Myers, so I suppose that’s “adventure-ish”.
And we went to Burgatory which was a culinary adventure at least. Ok...so I’m not that proud of July’s results...Next time around I hope to have a much more thrilling tale to tell, but half credit for half trying will have to do for now.

August’s goal was really born out of necessity- our house was a hot HOT mess. (kinda still is? Clock is ticking....) But we made huge strides in August. We got a TON done on the nursery and kitchen, and managed to keep the chaos someone controlled by month end. We pretty much ran ourselves completely ragged in the process- tearing down wallpaper, sanding, painting (and painting, and painting and painting) but with a ton of events (i.e. Baby showers) scheduled for September, we didn’t have much choice but to buckle down and get some things done. (P.s. Get excited, I’ll be sharing pics of the Great Bowden House Remodel soon. Very soon. Have to get those up before this baby steals our thunder and no one wants to talk cabinet hardware anymore!) So again- not complete success, but not total failure. We definitely made a concerted effort on this one though- we just maybe bit off more than we could chew...or at least more than we could chew that quickly.

And as for September- This is another “close enough, we’ll count it” type of situation. I can’t name one specific project that I tackled “in the name of pretty”, but that’s not to say pretty things aren’t happening. The bulk of the nursery was designed and assembled in September- and I have to say....It is (in my humble opinion) gorgeous. I know it’s a tease to say that, and not prove it- but just wait. I think it’s worth it.

October’s goal is to eat fresh and I have big plans (I should anyway, as we’re halfway through the month already!)

So pretty much all that to say- you kind of missed nothing...but you kind of missed a lot- I’m just not willing to show you yet.

Best blog update ever.

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