Friday, March 1, 2013

Name Dropper

Admit it. 

You've googled yourself. 

No? Really?

Well I have. I don't check on it every day or anything, but once in a while, I like to pop my moniker in that search bar to make sure there are no Courtney Bowdens out there sullying my good name. 

A few years back the top results for my name all involved a romance novel reviewer. Apparently she had made quite the career out of reading smut and passing her opinions on to the Fabio-loving masses. My romance-loving alter ego somehow came up at my last book club meeting, so I attempted a search to show the girls what I was talking about. But strangely this point the top results are actually me. Sure there's a car dealership or two, and at least one roofing company....but a bunch of the links are actually yours truly. So it turns out I'm the main person sullying my good name. Score!

But I wasn't interested in checking out my linked in profile, or pinterest account (though I did get a kick out of seeing one of my old college projects profiled- check it- I use the word "laborious")...

...I wanted to see what the rest of the Courtney Bowdens were up to. I didn't find a ton beyond the typical white-pages/stalker-helper sites, but there were a few gems: 
  • Interested in 7+ minutes of my Asian name-twin killing it in (what I presume to be) the 7th grade orchestra? Oh, you're in luck then
  • In need of a refresher course on the life and times of Dr. Seuss? Courtney Bowden's got you covered. (I especially appreciate her unconventional use of type, space, color...and complete disregard for possible motion sickness amongst her viewers. Bold choices, Court!) 
  • Oh- and Courtney Bowden makes a mean Apple Pie. Bonus: It's her! (Or so her "recipe photo" would lead me to believe...) 
Who knew there were so many Courtney Bowdens out there...with such a wide variety of talent? 

And now that I was in it...I just had to know...What would a google images search hold? 
Answers include:
  • Several pregnant bellies (none of them mine)
  • This shot (which I'm pretending is mine...why else would it come up?)
  • And about a million pictures of Katrina Bowden (who must deal with constant pictures of me coming up when she googles herself, poor girl.)
And just for fun I tried googling my maiden name. One of perks of an obscure name? Almost all the results are actually me. Or at the very least, my sister or cousin. So there wasn't much hilarity to be found. But thankfully, I stumbled upon this gem: 

A thank you letter my mom wrote to my orthodontist's office, in which she states, "I feel as if I’m in a nice spa!" I can't (and wouldn't) make this stuff up!

So for some Friday Fun, I invite you to google your name, and come back to the comments to share the best (or funniest...or scariest?) results...I can't wait to see what all your aliases are up to!


  1. hahahahaha! This whole thing is priceless. Now I'm curious about my own results...Also, your mom is the best.

  2. okay, so the first twenty or so are boring... they're just me, and then I found this CC in Canada
    Sad story with happy ending?
    googling my maiden name found me a lawyer in alberta canada

    guess it's a good thing I live down here, all my "twins" are up north!