Sunday, December 1, 2013

Quiltalong- One Month Update

We've hit the one month mark in our Quiltalong! And what do I have to show for my time? Wellllll…..

Last time we gathered for our Sunday Night Sewing Circle (totally not a real thing, just go with me here...) you all were giving me advice on what to do for my quilt design. I took a poll, reviewed the feedback, tallied the votes...and then...pretty much ignored it all. 

The majority showed a clear preference for the bar graph design and the mix of pink flower fabric. But I couldn't ignore the feeling that it just wasn't matching up with what I saw in my mind's eye. 

So I went back to the drawing board (meaning Illustrator document) and made some tweaks. And I ended up landing on something I'm pretty pumped about:


I decided to go with my gut, which meant keeping it simple and using the gold fabric for the majority of the front. I know quilts typically use more fabrics, but I like the idea of just using a couple patterns, and playing with how I cut them, place them, and piece them to make it look varied. Maybe that will be my "something new" to satisfy the quiltalong theme?

I played around a bit and ended up liking the bars shifted in a bit so they're just slightly off center. I didn't really measure anything when I drew it, so it's a rough mockup at best, but it gives me something to start from at least. 

I kept the back mostly the same as my original plan, but added a few bars there to break it up some more and tie in the print from the front. 

I also added a few solid pieces to each side. No real rhyme or reason, I just kinda liked how it looked. They're pretty small, so it's a total waste to buy fabric to make that happen. When it comes time to actually make the quilt, I'll either try to find some scraps that match (or come close enough)...or I'll just skip 'em. Keeping it loosey goosey around here. 

So now all I have to do is...
Find the rest of my fabrics
Buy the fabrics
Measure everything 
Cut all my pieces
Sew them together 
Sandwich all the layers 
Quilt it
Add binding 

And probably about 80 steps I'm forgetting.'s all downhill from here. 

How about the rest of my #stitchittogether brotheren? Making progress? Putting me to shame? Bailing until the holidays are over? Share some updates!

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  1. my quilting process is not looking good. I think Jan-March is a better time of year for me :-(