Friday, August 29, 2014


Fab little Friday roundup of stuff that’s caught my eye lately…

Current Obsesspins
My HOA strictly forbids painting my door any color except for 3 pre-approved, nearly identical shades of black. (seriously), so if I’m going to have any entryway fun, I’m going to have to accessorize. Hoping I can make this happen with a homemade stencil + a plain ikea mat.
I’m kind of obsessed with floral kimonos right now. Go ahead…imagine me saying that in my OMG Rachel-Zoe-inspired fashion girl voice…but I mean it. (P.s. Have you seen the Ascot and Hart collection? Bloggers turned Target shoppers, turned Fashion designers. It’s like they’re living my life in reverse. Only way, way better.)

Some days (all days) you just need a little dose of adorable. And for those situations, I have an entire board of images at the ready. (Bonus win: Keeping my furry obsessions contained to pinterest saves me from having to clean out any real-life cages).

I don’t have a spot in mind for another quilt, but this design could convince me to go for it anyway. (Plus by the time I finished it 3.7 years from now, I’m sure I could find somewhere to put it!) I’m loving the idea of a color blocked design- it ends up looking like a large scale madras pattern. And you know I’d work some striped binding in there somehow….

Because I obviously needed a way to make tiny carb nuggets even healthier. (Pro tip: alfredo sauce).

We’ve got big dreams for the master bath…which will likely come to fruition sometime in 2027, but still…it’s fun to dream.

…And the view’s amazing.

What are your latest Obsesspin? Any boards I need to know about?

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  1. Search Pan-fried gnocchi with pesto from 2 peas. AH-mazing. And its green, so thats kind of a vegetable...? :)

  2. Cute doormat! My HOA thankfully isn't that strict but they still have some crazy rules ha! Like your garbage can must be hidden---can't leave it by the garage door. Their theory is if people see a garbage can at the top of our driveways, it will bring property values down. Right. Because clearly, we are so hoity toity that we make no garbage. ��