Monday, October 26, 2015

Costume Week: Pirate Party

It's the MOST wonderful TIIIIIIME....of the yearrrrrrrrrr.....

Yep, it's the end of October, when I drag out one of my favorite holidays (in a five way tie for first) as long as possible....turning Halloween into Costume Week!

This year, I actually managed to extend the fun a full month, as we kicked off the festooned festivities back in September with Talk like a Pirate day. I've loved this (silly, made up) holiday since high school, but when it morphed into a chance to dress like a pirate, and then eat free donuts like a pirate? Yeah, that has the potential to turn me into a super fan.

Truth is though, while I knew September 19th was the official holiday, and had heard that Krispy Kreme was giving out free donuts to anyone willing to participate in the pirate appreciation I honestly didn't think that we'd bother. I mean, I love free donuts as much as the next guy (which is a lot) and you know I love costumes, but it just seemed like a hassle. So many things these days seem fun in theory, and then become just too much once we try to wrangle our little people into it. But when I woke up on Saturday, I was refreshingly not too tired, and after feeding the baby, I realized if we hustled, we could have a quick (and silly) girls' outing.

I approached Piper with a simple question: Do you want to dress up like pirates and go get donuts?


Man, I love that girl. She was so sincerely excited about it, it almost broke my heart. We cobbled together a few of our most pirate-y duds, with her giving me tips about what pirates wear ("golden blooms" is her rendition of "gold doubloons"). We took some creative license, but somehow in a few minutes, she ended up looking like a tiny Mr. Smee.
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Fin was somewhat less enthusiastic about the whole thing (Piper: "I don't think she's that into this..."), but she was at least willing to participate- as long as I let her wear her (sister's) favorite dress and one of my old headbands. Once we had our garb on- including some quickly crafted eyepatches- we took some pictures before heading out.


Side note...You may notice Piper's the only one who got a bandanna...It's possible that maybe someone threw up on the stack before we were all able to get them on. Womp womp. (That same someone may have also thrown up all over Dustin, so we might have had a topless photographer...And the neighbors may have had a good laugh about the whole scene).

Spit up aside, it was honestly just the most perfect morning. It wasn't anything super special- just some stripes with some jewelry, some hot donuts, and some pirate themed songs (via YouTube) in the car to get us hyped. The whole outing took less than an hour, but it was just so awesome to feel like the fun mom. So much of our lives right now revolve around me and the baby. Me saying wait. Me saying be quiet. Me saying no, I can't, not now, just a minute, stop, I have to get your brother...I want to just relax and enjoy my (slightly) bigger kids, but honestly, most days the exhaustion tends to outweigh the fun.

But not this day. For an hour or two at was magic. We dressed up. We giggled. We crafted. We posed. We sang. We ate. We ate some more. I got a break from being the mom of a newborn, and they weren't big sisters...we were all pirates. Pirates who eat three donuts each, and make no apologies. (though we did drop off some of our booty to our neighbors when we got back).

My girls may never remember this outing, but I know I won't forget it. In this crazy season, there aren't a lot of days where I feel I'm nailing this whole mom thing, so to share a bit of silly fun was such a gift. A gift glazed with sugar, raising a Jolly Roger.

{And because it's TOO good not to, I give you Pirate Piper circa 2012:}

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