Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Little Pip-Speaks: Volume 24


Basically...the know it all edition.
(This apple doesn't fall far from this tree, folks. I deserve this and so much more, I'm afraid.)

Pip-speak #1: 
Piper: Fin- I'm the big sister. And big sisters know things about little sisters. 

Pip-speak #2: 
Piper: If you leave pop in your car in Winter it explodes your car.

Pip-speak #3: 
Piper: You know, Mommy, I'm better at taking care of babies than you. 

Pip-speak #4: 
Fin: Piper! Turn it down!! {"it" meaning Piper's voice}
Piper: Keep it up, Fin, and I'm going to do it even louder. 

Pip-speak #5: 
Fin: {corrects how Piper is playing the piano} 
Piper: Finney, you are not allowed to tell me how to play the piano. When you get to be an expert like me you can. Until then you just have to dance. That's all. 

Pip-speak #6: 
Piper: When I grow up I'm going to be a fixer. It's a good job. What are you gonna be when you growed up?
Mama: Well, I have a job. I work for the cats. {a cat product client}
Piper: That's not a real job, Mommy!

Pip-speak #7: 
Piper: When I'm big, my job is going to be...work at the grocery store. Wait, NO! Target! 
Mama: What will you do there? 
Piper: Pay for groceries! 
Mama: Like, be a cashier?
Piper: YeahAnd give you stickers if you're still little. 

Pip-speak #8: 
Piper {about Miller}: His eyes are so beautiful. He almost looks like a girl baby. I wish we had a girl baby. 

Pip-speak #9: 
Mama: Piper, do you think we should have more babies? 
Fin: YES!
Piper: No.
Mama: Why? 
Piper: Can you imagine? Eight babies?!
Mama: Well, Pipes, we have three kids, so one more would be four.
Piper: Yeah, mama. And eight is more than four. 
Mama: {?}

Pip-speak #10: 
Piper: I am vigilant. 
G'mi: What is vigilant?
Piper: Vigilant is when you go to a farm and the farmer picks his corn and blades it.
Me: Then how are you vigilant, Piper?
Piper: {shrugs} I don't know, I just am!

And some little quips from the little one...

Finnish #1:
Fin: Where is my Daniel Tiger?
Mama: Your dandelion? 
Fin: Yeah. My Daniel Lion.

Finnish #2:
Fin: Everyone! Criss-cross apple sauce for story time. This story is Jack Up the Beanstauf. 

Finnish #3:
Fin: Don't call me sweetie pie. I a children!

Finnish #4:
Katelyn {Fin's teacher at kids' church, speaking to the whole class}: So you can follow Jesus just like the fishermen. You can do things like listen to your parents...
Fin {interjects}: I don't listen to my parents. 
Katelyn: Oh, you don't listen to your parents? 
Fin: Nope.
Katelyn: Well...that's a way you could follow Jesus.
Fin: {just stares blankly}

And both of them...pretty much every day...
{Hollering at each other}
Piper: Finney, you are messing up my imagination. I do not like what you're doing to my imagination!
Fin: Piper you are hurting my ears! Stop hurting my ears!
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