Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm An Elitist

At work we have a program called Eagle's Elite. It's a quarterly reward program where people are nominated by their bosses for going above and beyond their job duties to embody one of the four core values of the company. The values are Innovation, Teamwork...Teamwork... Innovation...

Ok so I don't know all four of them, but rest assured there are four. I think. There's at least two.

A few weeks ago I created an Excel spreadsheet like none other. It basically takes inputs from users and creates computer code for one of our allocation systems. I was really proud of it and spent a good amount of time on it. So now all of allocation is using it, which for me is pretty cool!

So today we had our Third Quarter Eagle's Elite ceremony... and I won for my Excel program!!

My boss said some really nice things about what I did and how it helps the company and... yadda yadda yadda...

But the real gem came when my boss said "Dustin is a self proclaimed Excel nerd."

Which is totally true.! I've told my team (about 15 people) that I am an Excel nerd and that it geeks me out to do cool stuff on it. I help people all the time with formulas and all of that. It's what I do.

BUT... I'm not 100% sure I wanted the everyone there (well over 100 people) to hear that I am a self proclaimed Excel nerd. In that one sentence, my potential pool of work friends probably decreased 85%. Now I'm that "excel guy." I might as well get a pocket protector and a pair of horn rimmed glasses.

So... my wonderful blog reader who is only here to see if bowdenisms has kept up with the daily posting goal...

Have you ever had someone blow up your spot in front of a bunch of people?

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  1. You ARE an Excel nerd! Good job!!! That's so cool to get your hard work recognized!

    I, personally, have never ever been publicly embarrassed ever in life...not ever. If I keep typing it, does it come true?

  2. I know you have tongue in cheek when you assert being worried about being tagged a nerd by the boss, so I'll let that go...
    But I do want to sincerely congratulate you on the achievement - way to go! Oh, and be thankful you work for a company that recognizes special effort...believe me, many people out there do outstanding jobs every day and rarely get a simple thank you. Again, great job dude!

  3. 1) When I started reading this I assumed, like all the other posts, that it was from Court, especially since she calls me out for my LACK of Excel nerdness. Only when I got to the quote about Dustin did it dawn on me.

    2) I SUCK at Excel and would be totally blown away by what you accomplished and I'm sure others out there were too ... but you're right, your friendship quotient probably did decrease ... but by less than 85%. Probably more like 33%

    3) BUT the good news your approval ratings from the nerds over in IT went UP like 67% so it's all proportional.

    4) I usually don't do anything too breathtaking so NO, no one has ever "blown up my spot" as you kids are saying these days. Although I equate your embarrassment much to that of a high school kid who begs their mom not to make a big deal for their birthday and then pretends to be pissed when their parents, in fact, make a big deal out of it. But secretly, inwardly, they're so happy to be the center of attention. I am OUTWARDLY happy you got some recognition you deserve ... I believe in you whole-heartedly. And now those chumps do too.

    5) Maybe you'll be on one of those cool, new INTEL commercials that celebrates geeks.

  4. I think your nerd-dom was solidified by you quantifying your friend opportunities with precise percentages. Just saying....

    But I'm really proud of you. This award definitely makes me love you 71% more (which brings the total to 171% of my heart....)

  5. What is "excel"? I have heard of "X~Hell"(when you finish something you HATE and no longer have to do it)haha! Your do EXCEL~ always! Congrats!!! xoxo