Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Sister Act 2

It's been about a year and a half since we did a tour of the girls' room, and a whole lotta playing/sleeping/crying/giggling has gone down in there since then. I thought it would be fun to share some updated pics, to show what we've changed, what's still going strong, and what's a hot mess (we keep it real around here...even with our decorating).

The biggest change is that Fin is no longer in a crib. I honestly can't remember when we switched her to her "big girl bed" and I've already spent far too much time combing through my photo archives month by month to find evidence of the crib...but it was sometime around her third birthday. Piper crawled out of her crib when she was around 18 months old, so she was transitioned (in a hasty and hilarious- in hindsight- way) earlier than we expected, but Fin never had an issue with her crib. I figured as long as she's happy, I'm happy, so we didn't force a transition on her. But eventually she started to like the idea of sleeping in a bed like Piper, so we flipped the bed over and transformed it into a mini bunk bed for both girls.

Since the bed was designed to be a canopy bed or a bunk bed, it was an easy transition...Piper's mattress just moved to the top, and we got Fin a new mattress for the bottom. For a little while we had Piper using the ladder, but she was having a little trouble getting up and down in the dark (even though it's a really short bed) so we took the advice of a friend and got a storage system that doubles as a staircase. (That allowed us to rotate the bed around so that the ladder is against the wall, leaving the whole front/side of the bed open).

The storage has been awesome. It's so nice to have extra bins to store all their random junk treasured possessions. The first step is a little tall (it's more of a climb than a step) so we put a little step stool at the bottom to make it easier (and reduce the amount of jumping/thumping they do in the middle of the night.

And Fin loves her big kid bed (aka mattress on the floor), which also has rope lights installed. We found we were reading books a lot under there, so the extra light helps, but just looks cool. The rope light plugs into the wall, and after some failed cord clips, we just zip tied it around the bed slats. (and fear not for her safety...these pictures were taken a while ago, and show the cords/outlets more accessible than they are now. We've since scooted the bed over so the frame is blocking both outlets. The girls know not to touch them anyway, but the new set up prevents it from even being an option.)

And after all those for the not-so-good update: the bed paint job. Turns out somebody *cough, rhymes with Shmiper, cough* likes to pick at the bed rails, so the top of her bed is now sporting a two toned effect. Ugh. (my only consolation is that she at least wasn't eating the paint...) We've taught her not to do it anymore (now her worst bedtime habit is using 87 tissues per night and leaving them all over her bed) but now we'll have to sand portions of it and repaint. Not exactly easy when the bed is always in use. So for now it just looks a little janky (and we look a little negligent).

In the corner where the crib used to be, we put a little storage bench we already owned, but once we got the "stairs"/bins we really didn't need it, so it was a short lived option.

It's a pretty big amount of space, so it was shame not to use it...and we really needed a better spot to read books as a family (it was getting a little crowded piling in Fin's bed) so we decided to set up a beanbag corner! The girls each got a beanbag chair for Christmas, and we've spent pretty much every night since then cuddled up there together reading 17 library books in a row. (I'm a sucker for "just one more...")

So that's about all the updates...we did swap out a lamp (our entire house is pretty much a constant game of "musical decorations" with things migrating from room to room depending on our need at the time) And of course we accessorize with only the most sophisticated pieces: Frozen tissue box, alllllllll the nightlights, and a handmade sticker chart to encourage a certain little weasel to STAY IN HER BED FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. You know...the essentials.

I love these sisters, and their pretty, messy, pretty-messy space. And despite some recent complaints that they "didn't want GREY's so bo-rrrrrrring, mama!", I hope they grow up with fond memories of time spent in here together.

Cubbies/stairs: Ikea Trofast storage system
Bed: Ikea Kura
Bedside pocket: Ikea Stickat
Rope light: Home Depot
Bean Bag Chairs: Target Pillowfort
Turtle Nightlight: Cloud B
All other sources are linked in the original tour.

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